Review Policy

Wedvisa allows positive and negative reviews that do not violate review guidelines. We employ moderators and may use automated tools to help flag questionable content. Occasionally, inappropriate content (e.g. review) may slip through the cracks. In such cases, we request users to report the content.

Reviews must be:

  • Respectful. We do not permit profanity, personal insults, hate speech, threats, sexually explicit comments, and promotion of illegal activities.
  • Unbiased. We do not permit suppliers to publish reviews of their own services. Suppliers, if determined of wrongdoing, will be publicly penalized.
  • Relevant. Reviews should be limited to personal experiences and must relate directly to the service.
  • Recent. We reserve the right to not publish reviews for an “outdated” experience.
  • Non-commercial. We do not permit reviews containing commercial or promotional content of any kind. We do not permit reviews that contain links to external websites.
  • Easy to Read. Reviews must be easy to read and therefore excessive ALL CAPS, asterisk, slang and HTML tags are not permitted.

Reviews are subject to Privacy Policy